The Greek Interprofessional Meat Organization (EDOK) is unique in the field of livestock and the meat sector in Greece, established in April 2013. The institutional framework of EDOK is defined by the relevant EU regulations. 

The final form of the organization includes:

  • Greek Livestock Association (SEK)
  • Association of Rural and Cooperative Organizations and Enterprises of Greece (SASOEE)‎
  • New Panhellenic Confederation of Associations of Agricultural Cooperatives  (N. PASEGES)
  • Panhellenic Association of Meat Processors and Manufacturers (PEEKZZ)
  • Panhellenic Association of Meat and Live Animals Traders (PEMAEK)
  • Panhellenic Union of Municipal Slaughterhouses (PEDS)
  • Association of Meat Schools (ESK)
  • Panhellenic Union of Professionals in the food sector (BRIGADE).

EDOK has been granted with the following two EU projects promoting the lamb’s meat and the sustainability of the sheep production:

  • Measures to inform and promote the European sheep meat in Greece, Spain and Italy (Meet the Lamb),
  • Information and promotion measures for the European sustainable Meat producing Sheep and Goat sector in Greece, Germany and Sweden (Signed by Nature).
  • Recognition of EDOK as the exclusive National Interprofessional Organization of the Greek meat sector is  compatible with the (EU) 1308/2013 and 1379/2013 Regulations.